Rick & Barbara Russo

My husband and I were in the market for a new home.  We were fortunate to have Craig Parry as our realtor.  We couldn’t be more pleased with Craig’s service and attention to details. He listened to everything I wanted in a home, and didn’t want in a home.  Craig delivered from the beginning to the end.  Craig communicated with us almost daily.  Always returned my calls within a timely manner.  Work around our busy schedule.  I warned Craig on the day I met him, I was particular and it may be quite difficult to please me.  I told him he could back out now if he didn’t want to take on the challenge,  he smiled.   His patiences, professionalism and attention to detail was beyond what we expected.  Craig wasn’t out to just “make a sale”. He is honest.  He truly wanted to find us our “perfect home”.  The bottom line… results!   Craig delivered the perfect home in the neighborhood we so desired and within our budget.  I would highly recommend Craig whether you are buying or selling.  It was an absolute pleasure working with Craig.  

Rick & Barb Russo
Simi Valley, CA. 

Richard and Jill L.

When it comes to Real Estate, Craig Parry is as good as it gets! We have worked with Craig for over twenty years in various real estate transactions. We have sold, bought and rented homes with Craig's valuable assistance. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and a true  pleasure to work with. We have referred many people to Craig and they have enjoyed working with him as well. 
We highly recommend Craig Parry for any and all Real Estate needs.
Richard and Jill L.

Stacy M

I offer my highest recommendation for Craig Parry due to having had wonderful experiences working with him now on multiple projects. For me, he is like a trustworthy, wise and kind older brother who listens carefully to my priorities and advises soundly. As one who is typically slow to trust, I feel completely confident that Craig is assessing every transaction thoroughly and that he absolutely has my best interest in mind. What I also love about him is that he is never petty; he keeps the big picture in mind and avoids unnecessary conflict.  No drama, no bologna.  He is a straight shooter who will tell you what he thinks but won’t impose his views on you if you have a difference in opinion. Craig Parry has been a terrific find and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him. I intend to continue to use Craig for as long as he will have me as his client.
- Stacy M.

Damon and Cathi B

Craig Parry is the best realtor hands down.  My wife and I were looking to purchase our first home in Valencia CA and wanted to look at condos.  Craig showed us plenty of great condo options but also wanted us to see a single family home that was just above our price range.  He went over the benefits of owning a SFH such as resale value, lower HOA, and overall space for our growing family.   The costs for owning the home including interest rates were fully explained by Craig and ended up being spot on.  We purchased the house which was well within our comfort zone.  We never felt pushed or rushed which was important to us being nervous first time home buyers.  That gamble ended up paying off as we almost doubled our money when we sold the property - of course using Craig Parry as the agent.  Since then, Craig has sold properties to my parents, my sister, and many of my friends & coworkers.  I also have to mention Craig's knowledge on home values.  I have seen in so many instances where he can predict the final sale price of a home.  He knows what to list for, what to offer or counter offer, and knows how to respond professionally and always in the best interest of his clients.  We happily refer him to anyone buying or selling a property.  

Ryan P.

LA has a lot of realtors, but few have been in the industry longer or have the wealth of knowledge that Craig has. I can say with confidence that I would not have found or completed the deal to buy my house if it weren’t for his expertise. With the lightning fast pace LA real estate moves at, time is of the essence and no one understands that more than Craig. I had very specific needs and Craig always made sure to keep an eye on new listings that came on the market to make sure we had a chance to check them out before other buyers. A house that was previously outside my budget, had a price reduction which Craig had noticed and within a day of the price drop he took me on a private showing of the property. I loved it and was willing to pay full price, but Craig strategically urged me to offer slightly under their asking price. Even though we were up against a cash offer, Craig’s expertise paid off and we ended up having the seller accept our offer! However, his work did not stop there because the home inspection revealed major issues with a wooden staircase that needed to be rebuilt. Craig was able to negotiate with the seller to take care of this $10,000 repair and keep the deal alive! Purchasing a home, especially a first home as in my case, can be a stressful time, but working with Craig made the whole experience way less intimidating.